Why clients have been choosing HGA Creative for 25 years Read more →

There are many reasons why clients select one agency over another. Over the years we’ve narrowed the selection criteria down to a few simple questions. We hope we can provide the answers that will persuade you take a closer look at HGA Creative.

Can we do what you’re looking for?

We’re a very talented bunch with a diverse range of experience – much of which you will see here – and we’re proud of delivering all of this work ourselves to a consistently high standard.

Do you like our work? 

If you share the excitement we have for the work displayed here and you can see how our thinking and the results we achieve could apply to your business then that’s a great basis from which to start a conversation.

Do we have the right expertise? 

You’d expect, quite reasonably for an agency that’s 25 years old, that there would be a lot of expertise that you can draw on – and you’d be right; decades of it. But we’re not all grey beards here at HGA and we thrive on the ideas and enthusiasm of the younger team members; it’s a potent mix.

Do you share our attitude?

It’s important to us that our clients understand the positive culture and the values that define our business.

Do our clients say what you want to hear?

You can read testimonials on this site – but you might want to take that further - and if you want to speak to our clients directly, we’ll do our best to make that happen