Welcome to month four of #ElliotsTopPicks!

Week 1 – Nespresso Expertise (Click here to view the project)

We started of this month with a really strong top pick… a 3D animation for Nespresso’s social campaign. Its an amazing project from motion graphics studio JVG that took a staggering 6 months to complete. Check out the link above, and you’ll soon see why this brilliant example of ‘devils in the detail’ took as long as it did!

They have even gone to the effort of creating a ‘how we did it’ video, to show exactly how much detail and effort has gone into every element of this animation!


Week 2 – The Dukes (Click here to view the project)

This personal project by photographer Felix Hernandez is an amazing piece of work, and was shot in a studio using scale car model with all the effects added in post production. These stunning images are so realistic that you would think it was a still from a video. Felix has used this very clever technique in a range of different projects to get similar effects… definitely worth checking out his Behance page to see some of his work!


Week 3 – Creative Planets (Click here to view the project)

I wanted this weeks pick to be a nice and simple ‘icon’ style design… and ‘Creative Planets’ by designer Yuri Kartashev really stood out to. Its a fun a clever little project that shows a range of different planets made from a mix of different objects. This kind of icon design would be a nice way of breaking up a document, keynote or website with a bit of creativity and fun. Ive picked out some of my personal favourites below, but there are loads to look at in the link above.


Week 4 – Pencil Sketches (Click here to view the project)

Im always blown with the talent that some people have with a pencil and paper. This weeks pick comes from design agency Ramotion, with a range of different pencil sketches. Ive put a link above to a project they posted a few years ago, that shows off some of the best illustrations they had been working on. The image below shows some of the app icons that had been drawn, that would later be designed into vector graphics. Check out the project to see some more stunning illustrations.


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