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Brakes Innovate Conference

The Challenge

Brakes approached HGA back in 2012 to help them communicate their 5 year plan to all colleagues in the business.


2016 was the 5th year of the plan and during that time the business has been transformed. This event was about celebrating the success so far and recognizing the part everyone has had to play in that success and also look to the future and the next 5 year plan.

Creating the extraordinary

Following the previous themes of ‘Ignite’ and ‘Inspire’, the chosen theme for this year was ‘Innovate’. This was particularly relevant for a number of reasons – the innovation going on across all areas of the business, the innovation in food itself and future innovations the company have planned.

The chosen venue was the MK Arena in Milton Keynes and the 2 day event featured keynote presentations, an exhibition area, a gala dinner and a food demonstration kitchen.

Theming and branding for the event was done by HGA, from the registration website through to the set and stage and animated videos conveying key messages.

Brakes also want to develop their food offer and put quality food back at the heart of the business. We worked with the Brakes Development chefs to develop a ‘Food Court’ where delegates could enjoy the latest food innovations and also learn more about the provenance and quality of the food that Brakes supply.


Fresh fish, meat, food and veg, bakery, pastry, desserts and canapés were all featured and feedback about food quality, innovation and knowledge was exceptional.


Following the conference we put the messages in a condensed form and staged roadshows at several venues to deliver the message to all colleagues across the business.

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