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ISME Channel 5 sponsorship bumpers

The Challenge had agreed a primetime sponsorship package for drama on Channel 5 and appointed HGA to create a series of aspirational sponsorship bumpers to showcase a variety of isme products.

Creating the extraordinary

In total 4 outfits were selected and 15 second, 10 second and 5 second bumpers were created for each outfit. The sequences show off some of the gorgeous product lines from the isme, Savoir range shot on location in the beautiful city of Valencia.

The edits work really well and are driven by a lively soundtrack and voice over, helping to position the isme brand in an aspirational way.

The edits aired across Channel 5, 5USA and 5* sponsoring a range of prime time drama including CSI and The Mentalist. They proved so successful that the campaign was re-aired for a second run later in the year.

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