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ISME Fit Academy

The Challenge

Shape management is a key area for women and knowing how to measure yourself correctly is vitally important to achieving the perfect fit. It’s amazing how much more confident women feel when wearing clothes that fit them really well. So to better inform customers, isme identified the need for an informative and aspirational video.

Creating the extraordinary

The project was broken into 2 key areas – ‘How to measure your bra size’ and ‘How to measure your waist and hips’. These would be filmed back-to-back and be part of the same family and therefore when constructing the scripts it was important to use the same friendly, yet informative language.

The films were shot during a 1-day period using a fantastic location and model. Each film takes the viewer through a step-by-step guide showing them how to find their correct measurements and is intercut with some aspirational material filmed with the model wearing lovely, figure hugging Isme products.

The films have been very well received by the client and have proved really successful in helping isme customers achieve that perfect fit!

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