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Santander Mortgages

The Challenge

The mortgage process can be complicated, whether you are taking your first step on the housing ladder or entering the buy-to-let market. Santander’s ambition is to make the process simpler and to help customers understand the steps needed to get the keys to their new home.

The need for an informative and engaging guide to mortgages was identified, and HGA were delighted to be asked to create a 10-minute film to bring the subject to life.

Creating the extraordinary

Working closely with Santander and their branding agency, Engine, HGA produced a very successful series of interactive YouTube films. Whether you’re a first time buyer or moving home, the guides take you through the process from how much you can borrow to finding a home, making an offer, the types of mortgages and of course, exchange & completion. Stylishly shot interview content with real customers detailing their property buying experiences intercut with insight from Santander advisors and brokers provide the narrative backbone to the films.

It was important for the content to feel authentic and therefore time was taken to source the right customers and locations so that viewers could build empathy with the different characters and stories featured.

A simple, interactive YouTube navigation system gives viewers the ability to click on an icon to skip to the specific section most relevant to their needs.

The film has proved an invaluable resource for Santander’s customers and a huge success online.

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