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Santander PAYM

The Challenge

In April 2014 an easier way to pay friends and family launched in the form of PayM. PAYM is a mobile-to-mobile service that allows users to send and receive payments to a contact, quickly and securely.

Santander was one of the first banks to adopt the system and wanted to produce an informative video to showcase how easy it is to use the platform.

The video was required to educate customers online via the Santander website and their successful YouTube video.

Creating the extraordinary

HGA produced a stylish, informative and memorable animated film to support the launch, all centred around the star of the PayM platform – your mobile phone! With a bouncing, flipping smart phone as the driving force behind the animation, on screen graphics and voiceover provide the narrative backbone to the video. The playful, friendly style of the animation has proved popular and the video has been a huge success on Santander’s social media channels.

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