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Shop Direct Christmas Conference 2014

The Challenge

After 5 successful years of working with Shop Direct on a variety of unique briefs, ranging from digital to film & video and live events – HGA were once again appointed to deliver the company’s annual Christmas Conference.

With 900 employees set to attend, the conference aimed to creatively communicate the key messages of the company in advance of Christmas – the busiest trading period in the Shop Direct calendar!

It was essential for the client to engage their audience in a fresh, new and exciting way, in the run-up to, during and also following the event.

Creating the extraordinary

To do this we developed the custom-built SD Conference app for the event. This helped to build excitement and awareness for the event and to bring to life the Shop Direct ‘world class digital vision’.

The app provided weekly updates with important information and an Agenda for the event, as well as Personalised Profiles and a Social Media Interface for all employees, an Activity Feed for live updates from the event and Surveys and Polls to provide direct feedback on the overall success of the event.

To prove further success of the app, there were over 5,000 status updates on the day of the event, 3,000 comments and 3,500 photos shared with 98% of active users returning to the app after the event.

The Shop Direct Christmas Conference 2014 was universally acknowledged as the best event that staff had ever attended. Many left feedback to express how much they enjoyed the event and found it inspiring…

“The best compliment, having been a veteran of a number of these, is that it gets better and better to the point where I can’t see how we can improve each year, I am wowed!”

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