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Shop Direct Product Day Case Study

The Challenge

We were contacted by our long-standing client, Shop Direct who entrusted us to deliver another important event for them. The brief was to deliver a quirky, cutting edge product showcase for their product team to present next seasons products to the internal senior management team. We had a turn round time of just 2 working days, to pull out all the stops and bring this to life for them.

Creating the extraordinary

The product displays were our first priority, adopting a futuristic theme using slick mirrors and neon lighting to set the scene. To dress the product showcase in Skyways we installed 2 window displays consisting of suspended ipads and ipones, all playing content with a mirrored back drop. The theme was continued by a large, mirrored set wall that had a duel function of hiding the other displays until you entered the room, creating an element of suspence and a journey through the displays, as well as continuing the theme into the main space.

A large, circular LED neon tube display, consisting of 15 bright, white neon tube style lights were built into a slick structure as the focal point of the ‘new tech’ display. Primary products we then placed on top of light up Perspex plinths within this central display.

Moving into the clothing section of the showcase, the neon theme was continued onto the clothes rails with light up, zig zag, neon tube clothing displays. Shoes and accessories were brought to life on 16 light up shelves, where LED strip lighting added to the new age theme. We also installed LED light up furniture at the back of the room as a chill out area/ briefing zone.

Our client loved the showcase so much they have held several similar events alongside the displays to utilise this semi-permanent installation. On days where presentations have taken place, HGA’s trusted tech team have been brought in to ensure a seamless AV delivery. This has included adding to the AV set that is already installed in Shop Direct’s very own ‘Cube’ event space.

As our relationship evolves we continue to deliver a wide range of events for Shop Direct including IT Away days, monthly Balcony Briefings and the largest event in their calendar the annual staff conference.

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