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Kellogg’s The story of our food

The Challenge

Kellogg’s philosophy is simple – By giving you our best, you can be your best. The way their products are made is in many ways similar to the process consumers go through when baking in their own kitchens at home, just on a larger scale.

The Kellogg’s snacks team wanted to create a tool for their sales team to tell this story, through being transparent and breaking down the ingredients used in their key products.

Creating the extraordinary

HGA were appointed to work with Kellogg’s on this exciting project and from the outset it was clear that it should take the form of a digital interactive tool. This would enable the viewer to explore the different aspects of each product in a fun and memorable format. The main products chosen to feature were:

Nutri-Grain Breakfast bars

Special K Chewy Delight

Rice Krispie Squares

We worked with the Kellogg’s team to create and develop a set of interactive digital pages to showcase the range of products, which guide the viewer through the various ingredients and processes that go in to making the snack bars.

The user journey is broken down into a number of pages, each one dedicated to an individual snack. We then brought the pages to life using full screen graphics, interactive rollovers and a series of pop-up videos, prompting the user to explore each product in depth.

The tool was built to work on multiple platforms, with eye catching graphics and a full screen override feature to ensure the user was fully immersed in the experience.

The final guides were supplied on branded USB sticks to the sales team and have received fantastic feedback from the client.

“Working with HGA on this project was a pleasure. Their approach of clear scoping meetings and regular updates throughout ensured the end result was exactly as all parties planned. Their incredible hard work and dedication meant the project was completed on time, on budget and we couldn’t be happier with the result!”

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