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Travelodge Event App

The Challenge

2015 was a key year in Travelodge’s history – marking its 30th Birthday. Their ambition is to build the UK’s favourite hotel for value and their annual conference needed to be the launchpad engage and enthuse employees to help deliver this strategy. Travelodge were keen to use digital technology to improve the delegate experience and their remit for was to create a complete digital solution; to facilitate the registration process for 1000 delegates and provide a platform for Travelodge to effectively communicate their conference information in addition to a social platform for delegates to discuss the key conference messages before, during and after the event.

Creating the extraordinary

Travelodge is one of HGA’s newest clients and our ambition from the start was to raise the bar of their events. One of the ways we set out to achieve this was to harness digital technology to deliver an enhanced delegate experience.

Our desire to raise the bar began at the very first touch point delegates would have – the pre event microsite. The site offered a two-way registration process, whereby delegates could submit their information, review it as a profile and amend if needed. Their details were immediately assigned to the HGA Travelodge Event App, which was used from the week prior to the conference itself.

The microsite delivered real-time data to conference administrators including registration progress and statistics 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help them plan the conference with the most up-to-date information.

HGA’s Travelodge Event App exceeded all our previous records with an incredible 99.9% engagement from delegates; with 96.5% returning to use the app, talk to colleagues and share their experiences more than 10 times throughout the day of the conference itself. Post-event engagement has seen this success continue, with over 27,500 delegates engaging with the app, extending the life of the conference and sharing daily updates on the company’s strategy.

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