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Don’t let Coronavirus cancel your events: How to avoid pulling the plug

Are you currently considering cancelling your events due to the coronavirus outbreak?

Being in the events industry, which thrives on bringing people together – we are watching closely as developments unfold to ensure the number one priority of keeping staff, clients and delegates safe. We know that cancelling and postponing events can also have a huge impact on KPIs, communications and trading but what are the alternative solutions?

Digital technology is at the heart of everything we do – supporting and underpinning every project that we deliver. 100% digital events – such as live streaming and webinars – are the perfect solution for the logistical problems of face-to-face gatherings. Since long before the Coronavirus reared its head, we have been delivering dynamic, engaging and impactful online events for our clients such as the NHS and The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Here’s why…

Digital events are ideal for bringing together multi-site or even multi-national teams as well as facilitating delegates who can’t be physically present, reaching a much wider audience. Allowing your delegates to join remotely also helps to reduce your carbon footprint, helping you to hold more sustainable events.

Live and on-demand access

Our Event Technology team can utilise existing infrastructures or custom-built event microsites which house everything in one place. Participants can access a live event from anywhere in the world with speaker materials, presentation content and interactive event schedules as and when they need it and at their own pace.

Everything is customisable and our experienced in-house team like to build multi-faceted screen options, designs and themes to suit each event and client brand.

Interactive experiences

It’s common for events to have question and answer sessions, digital events are no different, allowing delegates to fully interact by sending questions via text, video or audio, and allowing other delegates to vote on the most popular questions.

We utilise clever and cost-effective interactive apps and features that will bring each delegate into the heart of proceedings with the ability to ask questions, take part in votes or feedback on content live and in real-time.

A robust and secure platform

We take data protection and security very seriously. Our rigorous procedures and processes ensure all our virtual events are fully protected. We offer cost-effective hosting, authentication settings and safely stored data and metrics to get the most out of your event without compromising on security. To top it all off, we can offer live and post-event analytics.

Interested in digital events?

Whether you are currently considering cancelling your events due to the coronavirus outbreak or you are interested in how to reach a wider audience using digital events – it would be great to discuss opportunity to provide you with our services for streamed events.

Call Chris on 0161 776 7062 or email to find out more.

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