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Creative Halloween Ideas

We love Halloween at HGA. The dressing up, the sweet treats, the parties – it’s such a great excuse to play and have some fun!

Halloween has gone to a whole new level in recent years and is fast becoming as big a deal over here as it has long been in the US. What I really love about this trend is how creative people have become with their costumes, decorations and scary themes. So here’s a selection of unusual ideas from all angles to spark something original this year…

 Imaginative Pumpkin Carvings

You are seriously spoilt for choice when it comes to creative pumpkin carving ideas. A quick google and you’ll soon discover people are using actual power tools to create the most incredible effects using the lining of the pumpkin. Personally, I think it’s better to keep it simple. Last year I was all about the ‘throwing up’ look using the gooey innards and seeds. This year, I’m loving this interaction with a little mini pumpkin. Cannibalism has never looked so cute.

Frankenstein Enamel Pin

How gorgeous is this pin from Literary Emporium? Featuring a quote from the horror classic and a anatomic heart design it has a charming gothic vibe.

Freaky Fingers Red Velvet Cake

If you’re going to attempt a bake – have a go at painting red nails onto white chocolate fingers for this fun red velvet cake. It’s glamorous, it’s stylish, it’s slightly gross. Very appropriate vibes for Halloween 2017. Get the recipe here.

 Print and Build 3D Pumpkin Head

Looking for something simple? You can download, print and craft your own pumpkin head using clever online templates from sites like Wintercroft and then decorate and wear in your own style.

Spooky Animated Graphics

There’s some fantastic graphic design out there when it comes to Halloween themes but I particularly like the block colour and stark illustrations of Russian designer Andrey Shestakov‘s animated logos.

Cupcake Spider Invasion

Another cool find on the wonder that is Etsy are these super cute little spiders made from rice paper and edible ink. Sprinkle onto cupcakes for the eeek effect.

Bloody Nail Ring

A stylish take on a classic for this creepy nail ring with blood effects. Spotted on Etsy… where else!

The Skulls Have Eyes

A very well executed idea found on Pinterest – the full effect is in the laying of bigger googly eyes with smaller googly eyes. That perfect halloween balance of dark and creepy yet childish and fun.

Sweet Strawberry Ghosts

The options for spooky themed treats and party food are endless but I really like these super simple but effective strawberry ghosts. All you need is a quick dip and a steady hand with the icing!

Pyro Black Cat Candles

I love cats and black cat designs but I’ve never seen one quite like this before – cool pyro candles that get super freaky when they melt.

Seen any other fun ideas for the season of all things dead? Tweet us @hgacreative.

Happy Halloween!

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