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Filming Rescue Dogs in Wales

We love working with the pet rescue charity Support Adoption For Pets who raise and donate millions of pounds every year to help abandoned pets in need. As well as digital and communications projects, we produce a lot of videos for them and get to work with some fantastic charities, not to mention some gorgeous animals, in the process.

Last year we produced a very moving video of them surprising Hope Rescue in South Wales with a cheque for £100,000 – the biggest grant they had ever awarded! It was a very challenging shoot as we had to capture every scene in perfect order, deceiving the poor rescue workers until the last second when we just had to go for it with our cameras poised and ready. It was an incredible moment!

In March we returned to South Wales to create a second film revealing the amazing new kennel block they have renovated with this funding. We used some of the original footage to create a before and after effect and recreated some shots in their entirety, giving that sense of time passing and really highlighting the dramatic changes. We interviewed Hope Rescue founder Vanessa Waddon chatting to Support Adoption For Pets trustee Jill Naylor and got some great interactions with the staff and animals of this amazing place.

We were all blown away by the change in the kennel block and it was lovely to capture footage of much happier and calmer stray dogs in their safe new surroundings!

We're so pleased to share our video with Hope Rescue!Last year they were surprised with a grant for £100,000 to transform the premises. Watch to see how they got on.

Posted by Support Adoption For Pets on Friday, 6 April 2018

The biggest joy and yet the biggest challenge of filming with Support Adoption For Pets is always capturing footage of the rescue pets. Even with the highest quality care, these dogs have lost their owners and they spend so much time in a kennel that if you make a fuss of them on camera – you’ve got a seriously hyper dog on your hands! It’s also difficult to know a rescue dog, how they will react or how to handle them, but we have a lot of experience doing this and find that taking our time and being gentle will get us the shots we need. That and a steady hand and a lens wipe for all the licking!!

Our Social Media Manager Becci got some behind the scenes shots of our day on set: Abigail the pug cross was the worst offender for lens licking and the most guilty of heart melting!

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