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Have You Seen This?

In our office, we like to use Workplace to share creative ideas and inspiration on any subject. It’s our virtual home of ‘Have you seen this cool thing?’ and our designers, digital wizards, video editors and event producers alike all take an interest in the creative, intelligent and down-right bizarre ideas that get passed around the forum. Here are some of the highlights we’ve been uncovering in the depths of the internet and sending around this month…

Clever 4-Mation jumping frogs carousel

Video Producer James shared this addictive video of a carousel model spinning around, creating the trippy animation of two frogs hopping about on some lily pads. So simple, yet so clever…!

Inspiring web design presentation

Graphic Designer Elliot discovered this website build display by Canadian designer Aurélien Salomon on Behance which is a fantastic idea for presenting new digital design.


New IKEA toys designed by real kids

I have long enjoyed IKEA’s range of Sagoskatt soft toys in weird and wonderful shapes and designs, all made from the doodles of young children. The accuracy is uncanny and the resulting characters are truly original. The newest line is out now, and 100% of sales go to Save the Children to boot.

Jaw-dropping detailed illustrations of fantastical worlds

HGA’s Live Events Director Ian shared these fantastic pen and ink illustrations by British artist Olivia Kemp. She creates entire worlds through her large-scale drawings that combine her observational studies made in Norway, Italy, and Scotland with dense villages of treehouses and places that exist only in her imagination. Her Instagram feed is down-right dreamy.

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