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A conference speaker who really could see the future

A great guest speaker can make a conference truly memorable – and the sad news of the death of Jonathan Cainer, the Daily Mail’s once astrologer announced today reminds me how good he was when he appeared at a number of sales conferences that we organised many years ago.

Firstly, he had a brilliant way of bringing his “art” to life with a custom written software programme that allowed him to map the starts of anyone who was able to provide a few details about the birthdate and place. It was fascinating and immensely entertaining.

He then used this information to provide personal readings – done live on stage with people that I can guarantee he had never met – that were, according to those individuals, unnervingly insightful.

Jonathan went through this process with the CEO of this client company – who shall remain nameless – and said that he could foresee a monumental event that he would only share with the boss in private, which he did after his presentation. Amazingly, the CEO had left the business within a fortnight – of his own volition I hasten to add, but he had not made this public to anyone at all. The CEO told me that Jonathan had foreseen this and this was exactly what he had told him that afternoon.

Even with this experience, I remained hugely cynical and so Jonahan asked me to send him my own birth details and those of another person who he had never met. I sent him mine and my mother’s.

A week later we each received a diary from Jonathan with a personal horroscope for every day for the next 12 months. The predictions weren’t all accurate – but there were so many that were, with levels of detail that unsettled both my mother and me, that I simply couldn’t dismiss them as guess work.

I don’t know how he did it, nor did I ever pursue any other astrological information – but, for that year, I was sure that someone knew stuff about me that I didn’t.

It makes you think.

Jonathan is another public figure who has left us far to soon. I am sure that he will have seen it coming in enough time to make the necessary arrangements.

Jonathan Cainer RIP

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