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HGA Top Picks: Team Design

This edition of ‘HGA Top Picks’ come from Andrea, our new Creative Designer who works across both our Design and Video departments…

People say it doesn’t matter where you’re going or how you’ll get there, the best advice is always to ‘enjoy the journey and everything that comes with it’. Unfortunately, today, living in the most advanced digital era of all time it’s pretty easy to get lost in the process.

That’s why for today’s top picks I decided to list some of the best digital tools that help shape the path towards my daily design goals for a speedy workflow.


Collaboration when it comes to big cohesive groups is a must, Slack is the ultimate hub to keep the all the people up to date with everything. Connecting with colleagues, sharing files internally and in no time.


Distractions are everywhere when we work one step away from the internet. Meistertastk is the best way to solve this, it allows you to track everything you’re working on leaving you with a realistic time frame to complete tasks, which you can either share internally or with clients.


Pinterest is a well known online website that allows infinite combinations of varied media to create the best mood-boards and gather ideas for projects. It has many internal functionalities to ultimately maximise brainstorming steps.


Finding and combining colours is not always the easiest thing to do. Using the right ones is the best way to create eye-catching designs. This clever tool will let you skip years of colour theory, giving you access to endless colour combinations.

The noun project

This is a web project that catalogues an impressive library of icons created by designers all across the world. And the best part… all of these are ready to download and are free to use.

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