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HGA Top Picks: Team Digital

This edition of ‘HGA Top Picks’ come from Reece, one of the talented Web Developers that works in our Digital Team…

Working in the web dev industry is a very exciting place to be, with the ever-changing landscape and constant innovation, you aren’t kept waiting when it comes to new technology. It seems as though every week there is something new to sink your teeth into and there’s no shortage of places and people to discover and learn from.

However, there’s one topic that keeps cropping up in the many conversations surrounding innovative web development, and that’s 3D design. Users are demanding more and more interactivity and responsivity from the interfaces they are using and the necessity to move beyond flat lifeless websites constantly increases.

Stripe Radar

Heralded as one of the sharpest and most cutting-edge websites around, Stripe uses a large array of modern web technologies to enhance the user journey and create a compelling experience for anyone visiting the site. Here we look at their Radar page; to keep the content interesting and to inject some life into the familiar laborious scroll that we are all used to, they use a 3D graphic to illustrate the content and invigorate what the user is reading.


Here we see a more subtle use of 3D design, but it’s the subtlety which makes this example so effective. When scrolling down the page it’s easy for images to get overlooked or for people to skim the content, but employing a simple rotating 3D animation on each of the graphics draws the user’s attention to the movement and gives them a reminder to take in what they are looking at. The subtlety here is effective because sometimes animation can be jarring and overbearing leading to a negative user experience.


Tridiv caught my eye when I was exploring options for creating interactive 3D models on the web. It’s a great showcase of what is capable using standard CSS3, HTML and Javascript. These three programming languages are commonplace everywhere throughout the web but Tridiv employs them in a fresh new way which shows that you don’t need brand new technologies to create something innovative and exciting.


Another great use of 3D can be seen in online ecommerce. When purchasing a product it can sometimes be hard to visualise what it is you are buying. A simple gallery of pictures isn’t always an effective or reassuring way to showcase a product. Using sites like Cappasity we can create 3D visualisations of products online which allow the user to fully see what they are spending their money on and provide a more immersive and satisfying shopping experience. 

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