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HGA’s MindWave featured at FIFA eWorld Cup Grand Final 2019

Here at HGA, we live and breathe all things tech, so understandably we got very excited when we were asked to exhibit our MindWave game at the FIFA eWorld Cup Grand Final 2019 in partnership with EA Sports at the London O2 Arena. 

The annual event invites the world’s top 32 FIFA players across both PlayStation and Xbox to battle it out in front of a live audience and industry press to be crowned the FIFA eWorld Cup winner and take-home the coveted prize fund of $250,000 plus a shiny new motor. 

A number of exhibits featured at the event to further engage the audience, with MindWave standing proudly amongst them and attracting over 450 people to participate in the MindWave competition. 

Unique and innovative 

MindWave is a unique and innovative piece of technology. It requires two players to wear EEG headsets that continuously monitor their brain data as they concentrate on an object in the middle of the table.

Participants must use concentration to move the object towards their opponents goal in order to win. If they get distracted or lose concentration, the object moves towards their own goal. This is the only game of its kind in Europe.

Fully customisable 

The beauty of the MindWave game is that it is fully customisable to meet both the branding requirements and objectives of the event in which it features. The table facia, floating object, landing strip (beneath the floating item), ‘goal’ posts and digital plasma screen content can all be branded and customised.   

At the FIFA event – the facia featured event branding, the floating object was a football, the landing strip was designed to represent a foot-ball pitch and the goal posts were football goals.  To mirror the mechanics of a football game, the item had to reach the opponents goal.

“There have always been mind games in football, but this is next level”

FIFA eWorld Cup Twitter

When we used MindWave at a number of Superdry Conferences last year, the mechanics of the game were inverted. The object represented a Superdry customer, so participants were tasked with pulling the object towards their own goal, to reflect the event theme of ‘focussing on the customer to win’. 

Nationwide have also successfully used our bespoke MindWave game to enhance their event offering at their Ada Lovelace Day, supporting women in technology.

Our Digital Director, Ian Austin commented: “We are really excited to be able to offer such a unique piece of technology for our clients to use to strengthen their events. We’ve only scratched the surface with what’s possible using EEG technology and we’ve already got a number of exciting new game developments in mind for 2020, so watch this space”. 

If you would like to discuss using MindWave at your next event, get in touch with Chris, our Client Services Director on 0161 776 7062. 

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