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IBTM (Institute of Business Travel Management) 2015

I’ve just returned from Barcelona where the weather was much better than here at home. Not that I got to see all that much of it as I was attending IBTM for 2 days. Events professionals from around the world descend on Barcelona for 3 days of networking, meetings and scheduled appointments.

If the size of the event and the number of attendees was anything to go by, the events industry is alive and kicking. Representatives from around the world promoted their venues, products and services, and some of the exhibition stands were huge!

I spent a lot of my time in one corner of the huge exhibition space – in the technology zone. One of my reasons for attending was to catch up with the latest event technology on offer, and I had many interesting meetings. Ultimately I hope this will result in some new exciting ideas for some of our events. Clients are often asking me about the latest trends and ideas, so events like this are hugely important. I’m pleased to say we are right up there with the latest trends and ideas, but we’re always looking for new innovations. I hope we can introduce some of the new technologies I’ve seen over the last couple of days to some of our events very soon.

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