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Investment in Technical

August is always an unusual month for the technical teams at HGA, but nevertheless still a really busy one. Whilst we only have a relatively small number of events to deliver, there is also a long list of tasks that we aim to get completed to prepare for the massively busy period from September onwards.

This year that has included resurfacing the floor of one of our technical units – a job not helped by having to shuffle around tons of equipment (and the Chairman’s Harley Davidson that appears to have taken up temporary residence). We also undertake a comprehensive stock check and some major equipment servicing.

That is often enough to keep us out of mischief, but this year we have also taken delivery of lots of shiny new equipment to expand our own technical offering and to assist with the delivery of the very busy conference season that’s fast approaching.

All the new equipment has been received at our 5,500 square foot facility in Preston where we have been busy getting to grips with lovely new toys.

The audio department is playing with its new Allen & Heath GLD 112 Chrome edition mixing console with 2 x AB1608 Allen & Heath Stage boxes and CAT5/16a Digital multicore, lots more Yamaha PA speakers and tons of other necessary (but only interesting to technical types) stuff such as balance boxes, headset communication systems and 2 way radios.

The video cupboard is now overflowing with 65” Panasonic Plasma screens with stands, new switchers, PC and Mac laptops for presentation and video playback systems and even more projection screens

Our lighting stock has had a dozen top of the range LED Uplighter batons and some new smoke machines added too!

So much to play with and that we know will make our events even better over the coming months.

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