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January inspiration from team HGA

One of the best things about being in a team of creatives working across different departments is the random recommendations we like to share. As we enter a New Year and a new decade, here are some recommendations from the team to brighten up your cold, dark January.

TED talk idea: How to change your behaviour

We love TED talks – short, engrossing presentations on strange subjects we had no idea we were interested in. They are a great bite-size chunk of thought that can stay with you for months after. As we hit 2020 full of good intentions, this funny TED talk by psychologist Dan Ariely is a nutritious bowl of thinking.

Recommended read: Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell

This new book from Malcolm Gladwell explores famous misunderstandings of people through history – from spies in the Pentagon to Amanda Knox. Gladwell asks why we find it hard to read people we don’t know and what we can learn from the way we judge people. As with all his books, it will challenge the way you think.

Box set binge: YOU, Netflix

January is dark and miserable so gripping telly is important. If you are going to watch beautiful, but absolutely terrible people falling in love and betraying one another – avoid the winter series of Love Island and watch the new series of Netflix thriller YOU instead. Following the runaway success of series one, the charming and deeply disturbing Joe is back and reinvented as Will to escape (and likely repeat) his dangerous past.

Design inspiration: Peter Voth

This week our creative team are drooling over German designer Peter Voth‘s gorgeous graphic illustrations on Dribble. We particularly love the vintage stamp designs – so simple, so stylish.

Fill your plate: BOSH!

As we put down the Quality Street and try to eat a little healthier, many people go all the way this month and try ‘Veganuary’. Our resident veg-lovers recommend for some amazing vegan recipes that will satisfy even the meatiest eaters. For creative ideas, simple instructions and gorgeous video clips check out their Instagram feed. They also have a brand new book.

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