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Keeping Calm and Staying Strong

It may feel as though the world has stopped turning right now. Each and every one of us are staying home, keeping safe and prioritising the health of the worldwide community as we weather an unimaginable storm that is unlike anything we have ever seen before.

But at HGA we remain as focused and determined as we have ever been. Our services are still on offer, both in and out of the events world, as we stick together as a team, show our resilience and deliver the best services to our clients.

The Coronavirus effect

The events industry was one of the first to be hit by this storm. Long before the government officially advised against mass gatherings, we watched carefully, exercised caution and made difficult decisions to ensure the safety of our clients and their delegates. We had to analyse new and unknown risks – to both individual health but also to business objectives. Now we must wait patiently until it is safe to once again bring people together and deliver the UK’s biggest and brightest corporate live events. We are busy plotting and planning projects for later this year that will unite staff, inspire teams and build businesses.

Working from home

Though our office is closed, we are still very much here, and we want to once again reassure everyone that the HGA team are available to discuss any plans, timing strategies or ways of communicating through this tricky period. As a business – remote working is not new to us. Our staff are often based on-site at venues and with clients up and down the country and so working from home has slotted well into our routine. Though we are missing the office banter and the massive brew rounds, we still have all the software, technology and systems we need to operate and so business is open as usual.

As many of you know, but some of you may not realise, HGA is a team with many talents and many services. Here’s where we can help:

Digital events / Live streaming

Our Head of Event Technology, James Monckton, is an absolute wizard in the field of digital events, webinars and live streaming and he has a wealth of options at his fingertips to suit every shape, size and need. If you don’t understand this sector – or have never used it before –   we will talk you through the whole process. We have thirty years’ experience in event production, a rich history in pioneering digital technology, and in-house video production services that give our digital events offer the same quality and impact of our live events.

To find out more call me on 07902454347 or read about HGA’s digital events.

HGA Video Production

HGA’s award-winning video production services date back to 1989, serving clients such as HSBC, The Very Group and Santander. We specialise in corporate communications, case studies, and promos – we also have a dedicated animation and motion graphics team producing compelling explainers and engaging social media content to wow our clients. Right now, our animation services are offering a lifeline to Communications Managers who need to reach their teams with effective and compelling content that doesn’t require onsite filming. Explore HGA’s video services.

Check out our latest animation showreel:

HGA Design

Our in-house team of creatives produce everything from communications campaigns to brand activation concepts for our clients. As well as event projects such as theming and Powerpoint design, they regularly produce both print and online newsletters, communications updates and web design for clients including pladis, Manchester United and Brakes.

Discover more about HGA’s design work.

Cut through the noise

If your events have been put on hold but you need help communicating important messages, we can help. Call Josh Grime on 0161 775 7890 or email

Looking for help with your communications?

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