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My placement year with HGA

I’m Grace and I joined team HGA in August 2019 on my placement year from Uni. I’m working here as an Events Assistant and what a whirlwind it has been so far!

Event Management at Leeds Beckett University

I’m studying Event Management at the UK Centre of Events Management located at Leeds Beckett University. I was inspired to go down this path after discovering my strengths from organising an event for an A-level Business class. We had to create a business proposal and deliver an event to raise money for a chosen charity. I enjoyed it so much that after this it became a no brainer that events was the direction I could see myself heading into!

At Uni they recommended we take a placement year to gain some vital experience in the world of events. At first, the thought of prolonging my graduation seemed rather daunting and it took me a while to finally make the decision to do it. Fast forward to present day and it was the best decision I ever made! I now see myself at a much greater advantage to those students who decided against a placement year.

Planning entertainment options for a February event

Working with HGA

HGA is my first encounter with a professional, full-time, working environment. My role is to provide a high level of support to the Live Events team in the development and delivery of events on a day-to-day basis. I work closely with the team and with the clients, carrying out research and sourcing tasks such as venue searches and entertainment.

The day I started at HGA, I was told that I would be given multiple opportunities to go out on-site to gain vital experience and since then I have worked at a huge variety of events! I have been co-ordinating wrestlers at a very vibrant WWE product launch for 2K Games, checking out the food at a leadership event for long-term client Brakes and supporting an Awards event for Well pharmacy at Manchester Cathedral. Just last week I was sent down to Brighton to help the team with a big conference for Hyde which had an amazing two storey stage set!

Behind the scenes at Hyde in Brighton

These are opportunities I could never have pictured any placement year student ever being given. Each event has been unique to fit the client brief and it has really been rewarding working within an amazing team to meet client expectations to achieve great results. Not only am I providing support for the events team, but I am receiving invaluable teaching and knowledge back from my peers to help me to understand the process and requirements to produce a successful event. I have always been an active learner who absorbs information quicker in a real-life situation – something I have struggled with at Uni as essays and presentations about events can only prepare you so much for the real deal! Being reactive to scenarios in real-time has been the biggest eye-opener of this experience and it’s one of the biggest thrills of this job.

Planning my future

Since joining HGA my passion and motivation to achieve in the events sector has never been greater. Each day I strive to succeed and ensure I am grasping every opportunity that comes my way. I am relieved to confirm I’m in exactly the right place, pursuing the career that’s right for me. At University it was hard to gauge where I could see myself in the industry but now I have a clear goal to finish my qualification and set myself on my way to becoming an Event Producer. I’m so grateful to the talented team at HGA for showing me the ropes and inspiring my ambitions and I can’t’ wait to see what each day brings.

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