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Seeking talented graduates at #UCLanJAM 2019

Our business may be thirty years old but a big chunk of our team are yet to reach that milestone! We have always looked to employ and train up young graduates and apprentices that bring talent and energy into our fields of events, AV tech, digital, film and design.

Last week for the second year running I went along to UCLAN’s latest JAM event and was delighted to meet some very talented and passionate media students looking for their first step on the career ladder. The networking event put on by the University connects 100 top graduates from media courses with employers and industry figures from film, media and tv as well as technical production agencies like ourselves. Sat amongst the likes of Sky TV and the ITV – I took part in talks and networking slots with graduates who had chosen to hear more about life at HGA and the work we do.

Last year at this event we met some great talent that went on to work with us in week-long placements which in turn led to job offers. It’s such a quick and easy way to find talent. This year we hope to achieve the same success and will be offering placements to three bright new graduates – both AV technicians and motion graphics designers.

We are hugely interested in working with other local Universities and participating in graduates fairs and schemes to meet like-minded young professionals looking for opportunities in the workplace. Because our business covers so much in the world of media and production it’s a great opportunity for us to widen our net. I’m a huge believer in investing in the next generation and I can’t wait to see the positive impact these students can have on our business.

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