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We take huge pride in our company culture and are driven by a DNA that we defined together as a team. From table tennis lunches, to team nights out, Monday morning breakfasts meetings to investing in social tools like Workplace, we connect and empower our people to work together as one team.

HGA offers a vibrant home for innovative, creative and passionate people. For 30 years we have thrived together under one roof, uniting our expertise to deliver unforgettable live experiences for our clients.

Challenge the Ordinary

Thinking differently delivers amazing results

Together we rock

Fusing our talents make us an unbeatable team

Go the extra mile

Our dedication and commitment keeps our clients for life

Our glass is always half full

We believe in the power of positive thinking

Be in the room

With 100% focus we each play our part and contribute

Proud to wear the jersey

We are there for our team and take care of our home

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