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Bringing Animation to Life

We all grew up on animation. My childhood, like many others, was brought to life by Disney films, TV cartoons and a fair few video games! Today, the scope and capability of animation is so advanced. When it comes to producing corporate videos, social media films or event footage, animation has opened a lot of doors and made life much easier for producers like us. Creating animation can sound like a big job but with the right skills and proper process in place it is often simpler than organising a set, props and people for a film shoot, and for that reason animation in the corporate sector has boomed over recent years.

For our productions at HGA, we always start with the script, no matter what the format. Every video we make is created with a purpose in mind which we hold onto throughout. A good script should be able to get information across in an engaging way whilst also keeping it brief – it’s always worth remembering that most people watch a video because they want to digest a lot of information quickly without reading a lot of words. When it comes to our corporate videos or event presentations, we often find that animation is a great solution to explaining complex subjects in a simpler and more engaging way. This is especially true when it comes to core business-related topics, for example, last year we created a series of animations for our long-standing client pladis explaining their mid-year and end-of-year review sessions with precision and charm.

When we have a finished script or storyboard we explore options and graphic styles. Often a client has something in mind from ideas they have liked elsewhere but if not, it’s always good to research examples that might work for the project. Depending on the work we can go in any direction – from cute and characterful to modern and stylish.

Once the style has been established it’s time to bring it to life! Our motion graphics artists create the initial designs and sometimes our in-house graphic designers will help us with characters and storyboards. Animation can be done in a variety of packages, here at HGA we like to use Adobe After Effects for our 2D animations.

When it comes to breaking up a conference format, inspiring action on social media or delivering complex ideas in a simple way – animation can be a fantastic solution for businesses. It offers a dynamic way to tell a story, promote a brand or reach an audience and best of all, the sky is the limit in what you can imagine and create!

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