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Do dress-down days boost employee engagement?

For quite some time dress-down days have been noted for improving employee engagement, but do they actually work and what are the benefits to both employee and employer?

With the aim of improving the productivity of their workforce, an increasing number of employers are allowing more relaxed work attire. Much to the delight of employees.

Employees are encouraged to wear casual clothing in celebration of the impending weekend, the effects of which result in a greater output according to Fidessa HR. But why is this popular perk so effective at improving employee engagement?

A study conducted by Fidessa looking into employee feedback of dress-down days found that employees felt more valued and had a greater output. The results showed that employees like to feel they are listened to and it is these employees who are more likely to excel and perform better for an organisation they respect.

Those organisations which invest in rewards to perk up employees often go beyond dress-down days. Other rewards such as free refreshments, free snacks drinks and the occasional pizza party (which go down particularly well at HGA), are seen as great motivators.

In conclusion, it looks like providing a comfortable environment and small rewards such as a dress-down day, go a long way to improving engagement and commitment from employees. But the Donald Draper’s amongst us need not hang up their ties just yet!

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