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How Do You Achieve ROI On Your Events?

This is the question on everyone’s lips at HGA!

In 2018 we are producing a series of eBook shorts that tackle the big subjects in internal communications and corporate events – from the success stories to the challenges we face. We’ll be getting input from big brands and industry experts – with everyone sharing their experience and insight to give a true reflection of the business.

Tackling Return on Investment in Events

The first subject we will cover this spring is all about ROI. What ROI entails, how to get it and how to measure it. We will be exploring key objectives in corporate events – from awards and dinners to conferences and networking exhibitions, plus many more.

We already have input from big name brands and internal communications specialists but we’d like as much input as possible so we’d welcome your contribution.

Take the Survey

We are collecting input from Communications professionals, industry peers and event planners. Have your say here:

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