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How internal TV can improve internal communications

A growing trend within internal communications is contributing to employee engagement and attracting employee’s attention and it’s been staring you in the face all along…

Internal TV allows internal communicators to capture, maintain and improve employee engagement in organisations around the UK, fuelled by the growth of handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets and aided by faster than ever Wi-Fi and 4G networks capabilities.

Organisations are now practicing schemes such as “BYOD – Bring Your Own Device” which encourages employees to bring their mobile devices to work and use them within a work capacity. The driving force behind BYOD is organisations employing a self-sufficiency approach when it comes to IT.

There are key advantages to implementing a BYOD strategy. Employee satisfaction increases as they can work more flexibly and faster on devices which are more familiar to them, resulting in a boost in productivity. There are the obvious hardware and software cost savings as device maintenance is taken care o by the device owners, in this case, employees.

There is a growing number of employees who own and use personal laptops, tablets and smartphones and prefer to access certain information via such devices, this approach cuts down costs as devices are leased more often with newers, more cutting edge technological capabilities and organisations struggle to keep up with this demand.

It is this rapid adoption of handheld devices which are changing the ways people want to work. Employees can now watch whatever they want, whenever they want and smart organisations are capitalising on this opportunity to communicate on employee’s wavelength and are now producing internal TV content.

But this growth in the availability of a multitude of channels also means more competition. When producing TV content for internal use, it really pays to ask ‘Why would employees watch a TV programme about their company when they could watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones or a compilation of funny cat videos?’

In such case, familiarity could be the answer.

ITN have offered some sage advice and advises content producers to put people behind the report. Producing internal TV content which not only informs but inspires, seems to be the key in attracting and maintaining employee engagement.

As one of the leading video production agencies in the North West, we regularly discuss the benefits of using video to engage employees and better improve internal communications within an organisation. During the research phase of our latest eBook, we noticed how popular video content is and continues to be the go-to solution due to its convenience, familiarity and ability to easily engage employees.

For more information on how corporate video and internal communications can improve your organisation engage with its employees, contact our video department. Or take a look at some of our finest video work which have helped brand such as UKAR, Brakes and Kellogg’s strengthen their internal communications.

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