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Internal communication lessons from the World Cup

As the world prepares to go football crazy, how does the performance on the pitch affect the performance of employees in the workplace? HGA explores a few internal communication lessons from the World Cup!

Whether it’s rugby, Wimbledon, the Ashes or the impending World Cup, one of the main challenges in ternal communications is managing employees and their sporting expectations at work. Many major sporting events (rather unfortunately) take place while many of us are tied to our desks with work commitments, so the question is; should employees be allowed to watch major sporting events at work?

Tackling employee requests (and meeting those expectations)

Do organisations that provide opportunities for employees to watch sports within the workplace reap the benefits of a more loyal and engaged team? Perhaps organisations are missing a great opportunity to demonstrate what a flexible employer they are.

Could the key to solving those situations where employees sneakily access live updates and streaming of sporting events such as the World Cup via their own devices be an open televised internal gathering? (minus the beers and pies of course.)

According to a recent survey from telecoms provider Coms plc, 100 CEOs and key decision makers, making up almost three-quarters of major UK businesses have pledged to provide employees with a communal area to watch World Cup 2014 matches which are played during working hours.

A further 19 per cent said they will allow employees to watch the matches at their desks streamed via desktop computers or handheld devices such smartphones or tablets.

The World Cup is regarded as the most popular sporting event in the world and industry experts predict that during the 2014 tournament an estimated 250 million working hours will be taken up through staff absence, poor work performance, disengaged employees or late arrivals due to not being able to stay up to date with matches.

So could the answer really lie in internal televised events to ensure employees remain focussed and engaged with their day-to-day tasks and produce consistent results despite a summer of football?

Does your organisation plan to internally stream matches during the World Cup? We’d love to know your thoughts, leave them in the comments box below or tweet us at @HGACreative!

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