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Is Team Building Still Relevant?

Team Building has an unfair reputation.  Time and time again, getting people out of their comfort zones has proven to deliver fantastic results for everyone, but ask people to walk on the wild side and they will inevitably resist.

Not only do you get some resistance, you’ve got budgets to consider. Are Team Building initiatives worth spending company money on? Will people see it as a jolly? Things are changing so fast in business today, is team building still relevant?

After decades in this industry, I can tell you hand on heart… It most certainly is!! Now is the time to take the plunge!

Investment in people

Team Building is an investment in your people. Done properly, it can ensure you a huge return on investment. Communication, collaboration, engagement, creativity – proper team building will unite your people into a force to be reckoned with. In fact, in today’s world of remote working and digital communications – it’s more important than ever before.

The power of face-to-face

For every event we produce, we get consistent feedback from every business and every industry – one of the best things about live events is getting people together face-to-face. Today so many of us work remotely or travel internationally and when we are on site we are hot-desking with different teams. Thanks to technology and digital communications, you can often have people who work together every day or chat constantly who may never have met in person. Team building will bring these people together and improve their relationships with live interactions and truly engaging shared experiences.

We see work colleagues more than our own families

It’s fair to say that for most of us, we spend more time with our work colleagues than our own family, friends and even our spouses. These relationships are complex. People are thrown together purely by their careers and all sorts of personalities need to work together to succeed. Some work relationships thrive and bring out the best in each other where others clash – creating challenges and conflicts that need to be handled with care. These relationships also change over time, impacted by new characters, structural changes and even success and growth. Carefully structured team building can be tailored to address these conflicts, offering practical takeaways and marked changes in behaviour and attitudes to one another, no matter what dramas have occurred in the past. Whether it’s code-breaking, choir-singing or physically-challenging – there are plenty of opportunities to overcome barriers and change perceptions.

Changing workforces

Long gone are the days of forging careers within one company. Today it is thought that the average workers change roles every three to five years. Chopping and changing people and positions is not an excuse to avoid investment in your team – quite the opposite in fact! Challenge activities will bring people together quickly, forging new bonds and uniting mixed teams by inspiring your staff, getting them excited about achievements and working as one to achieve results. A bit of competition, a chance to offer support and doing something out of the ordinary is all it takes to make this difference.

Bring team building into 2018

Make Team Building truly relevant and don’t think of it as merely holding hands and balancing on a log! There is most certainly still a worthwhile place for this type of outdoor challenge format but times have certainly changed! Today’s team building is fast, reactive and engaged in modern pop culture. The more fun it is, the more successful it will be, so create events around what your team love and what excites them. Being open-minded to try is one thing, but nobody should be made to do anything that doesn’t float their boat. You can tailor events to the latest film releases, culture trends and even social media hooks using technology.

Escape rooms are a great example of this. These hugely popular team activities and can be done from a boardroom table, on-site at a specialist venue or even in a blow-up, blacked out tent in your car park. You can use props and sets to get as into it as you like but really all you need is coding breaking activities and timed challenges. A really good facilitator can do a lot with a blank canvas and an ability to read people!

Use technology to excite people

VR, AR and digital games have also opened up a lot of doors for team building – and often helping to reduce budgets. The key to these is to keep the face-to-face elements and not let digital overshadow the bonding experience of understanding one another. Digital activities should provide an opportunity for a truly modern shared experience – one that is relevant to the world we work in today.

Team building spend

After a slight economical slump in the industry, 2016 and 2017 saw record growth in companies investing in staff development and retention. This led to a resurgence in team building events and company away-days, boosting the industry value to well over £200million, and this trend has continued into 2018. UK businesses are starting to spend big in this area again, with some reporting to be spending over double on team building exercises for their employees than on previous years, on a wide variety of activities that will boost the morale of their staff; aiming to keep them happy and have a direct effect on company employee retention levels, dramatically improving long term goals and providing an ROI on your people investment.

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