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The New Website is Live!

Welcome to our brand-new website!

It’s been a labour of love for our in-house team of web developers and designers and we are so proud to launch it live today. It’s a moment we’ve been looking forward to for a while now, as the new site accurately reflects the wide range of services we offer at HGA.

You may have noticed over the last year that there has been a distinctive shift in the language of our industry. We’ve gone from describing our work as conferences and events, to capturing fully-immersive live experiences. Our new website is a part of this movement, which has come about because the words we were using simply weren’t doing justice to the massive impact a live experience can have on a brand.

The term ‘live experiences’ encompasses the huge range on offer, in a way that ‘events’ simply can’t. A live experience can exist in many forms – in the electric atmosphere of a thousand colleagues united by one idea, together in one room, and also inside a Virtual Reality headset for a truly personal launch of a new brand or product.






The nature of the game has forever changed in our industry which makes it a very exciting time for us. Technological advances mean imagination is the limit to what we can do and the way businesses engage with live events has evolved too – taking on both massive network occasions and smaller, more dynamic get-togethers. Our services meet these needs as our digital, creative and event teams put together the best live experience for each client’s goals.

This new site will give you a full overview of the services we deliver and offer some vibrant examples of the work we have done for our clients. Find out who we’ve worked with, read more about what we do and get to know the people in our team.

At HGA we are known for offering everything under one roof and our now new website does just that too!

Click the logo at the top to start your experience.