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Show Don’t Tell: Using Video to Transform Your Conference

Wondering how video could help your live events?

Thankfully, the days of stand and deliver conference formats are long behind us. Today’s events, no matter what size, are dynamic, immersive affairs, broken down into lots of different formats. Video is one of the most engaging methods of delivering key content – plus it is often one of the most cost-effective.

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At the end of the day, conferences are all about communicating with employees. Delivering new strategies, launching products, driving colleague engagement – whatever your goals are you need an effective method of communications to get your messages across. It is also important that these ideas cascade throughout the business, from the top all the way down. So whether your delegates are hundreds of Senior Management from across the business or Retail Managers from all over the country, you want them to remember the content they received and share it with everyone. This is can be a key measure of ROI from your conference.

One of the perks of video is that you can ensure that people at every level of the business are properly represented. We have a lot of experience filming on factory floors, down mines and up flight control towers – you name it! We’ve used video to get in on the ground, interviewing people at the centre of our client’s businesses. This way, their voices are heard and their working experience is a focal part of senior management events. This really captures the strength and diversity of a brand, keeping the goals in sight throughout.

Introduction Videos

Video is a great thing to introduce later in the day when you are starting to lose attention spans or your delegate’s minds wander into what lunch they are having, but it can also have a big impact at the very start of proceedings. It’s a great tool when you’ve got simple, even obvious messages that have to be shared – for example, your basic health and safely info. You may have noticed recently that many airlines are replacing the traditional cabin crew demonstration with witty film pieces. They still give you everything you need to know (and have heard before) but they also keep you engaged and entertained too. We’ve used this approach for a basic welcome video for the likes of pladis – with fun memes and a great sense of humour to get everyone warmed up and ready for the day ahead.

In terms of introducing the wider event, the schedule and the goals for the day, video can also provide the audience with an energy boost to kickst-start the show. You can set up a story, play with animation or even create a fun music video to provide a good introduction – all things you can’t deliver in the same way in person. This is also the perfect space to fully introduce your event’s branding and theme.

Keynote Videos

If you’ve invested time and money on a big conference event there is often a lot to pack into one day. Different speakers from different departments all need to be heard. Video provides an excellent opportunity to break up presentations, bringing to life messages in a fresh and engaging way.

You can also use video to take on very complex topics. Animation and motion graphics are particularly powerful in this instance – a great way to break down and convey complex financial updates or strategic operations using simple illustrations, infographics and movement.

Live Feed

Video is also a great way to share the content of the conference with the wider business. We spend a lot of time on site at events capturing the moment to project onto the bigger screens and we can also arrange live feeds to protected websites. That way, employees around the world can tune in and see what’s going on. Filming the day itself captures speaker presentations, audience reactions and atmosphere – as well as all the juicy content and key information. You can also adapt edits to be shared on company intranets, social media or online. It’s a great way to include people who couldn’t attend.

If you’re using digital tools like a registration website or app – this can be a great way to share live feeds and bespoke video content.

Highlights Film

This takes us to the highlights video. One of the pièce de résistance elements we like to offer our clients for live events is making the most of a film crew on site to put together a highlights reel of the event to share with everyone. We often do this live on the day – piecing together an edit in real time to show at the close of the event. It can be a bit of a squeeze but it’s always well worth it to show everyone the success of the day and leave them feeling buoyed and excited about what they have experienced. If there’s a lot to take in, this is a great way to tie together everything that has gone on.

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