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Welcome Business Development Executive Nathan!

It’s been a very busy couple of months for HGA. To manage our growing agency and keep up with new clients, we’ve expanded our Sales and Marketing team with the arrival of myself as Head of Sales, Paul Basson as Relationship Manager and Becci Stuart as PR, Marketing and Social Media Manager.

Today we complete our team with the arrival of Nathan Richardson in another new role as HGA’s Business Development Executive.

Business Development Executive

Nathan’s role at HGA will be to hit the phones, helping us to spread the word about our services to reach new clients and keep our business growing. Whilst I’m out and about at meetings up and down the country Nathan will be holding down the fort, uncovering new contacts, growing relationships and booking in new meetings.

With strong roots and decades of experience in a wide variety of sectors including retail, financial, housing and FMCG to name just a few, we are looking to expand HGA’s impressive client base even further by opening new doors and sinking our teeth into new projects.

Meet Nathan…

Nathan was introduced to us as a friend of our Events Manager James Steers – both are passionate UFC fans who love to both follow and participate in the sport. With a strong background in sales and a natural love for talking to people and making connections, he’s a fantastic fit for HGA.

In just a couple of weeks, we’ve already subjected him to our love of coming up with creative ideas on the spot, our terrible attempts to sink the office basketball and our guilty pleasure of listening to Absolute 80s on a Friday and he’s proven to be a good sport throughout. For a Liverpool fan we’ve decided he’ll do just fine.

From his love of Lamborghinis to his travels in Mexico, you can read Nathan’s team bio¬†here.

Welcome to the family!