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  • 15,000 Marathon Runners
  • 24 Sound speakers
  • 3m Sail Flags
  • 180 Branded props

Asics Marathon Branding Campaign

Greater Manchester

In every marathon, there is a moment when you hit the wall. In the Greater Manchester Marathon, it’s an infamous stretch of open countryside at the killer 20-mile mark. The crowds disperse and all goes quiet…

Event sponsors ASICS wanted to change this so HGA’s Creative Team set about producing solutions that would encourage runners and get their brand beyond the busy start and finish lines.

To create an inspirational atmosphere, we lined the road with a network of high-powered speakers playing uplifting music. We created elegant 3m sail flags and engaging vinyl floor stickers that we dotted across the road – all adorned with on-brand motivational messaging and imagery. Supporters were also given branded helium balloons and keepsakes to cheer with, all in line with ASICS’ recent ‘Want it More’ campaign.

For the client, this was memorable brand activation at every turn. For 15,000 weary runners, it was a boost when they needed it most!

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