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  • £3.5bn company
  • 15 countries represented
  • 95% app engagement
  • 3,280 microsite visits

pladis Top 200 Leadership Conference

HGA’s always-on, around-the-clock support and creativity was invaluable to deliver a significant event in our history – one which continues to impact on our global business.

For pladis, we devised one clear theme to capture their story – momentum.

200 company leaders from 15 countries met in one location for three days of events to celebrate, communicate and drive strategy for the future.

With just six weeks lead time HGA decamped to pladis HQ to collaborate together on staging, a creative approach inspired by their brand identity, bespoke animated videos and clever technology.

Data gleaned from the registration microsite informed presentation content and even playlists for the party. A custom-built app extended the life of the event, connecting people and providing polls, schedules, data and feedback. Delegates took away interactive video books loaded with key content and received follow-up monthly newsletters to continue to drive the key messages of this epic live experience.

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