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  • 3 day event in dublin
  • 600 International Delegates
  • Realtime Language translation
  • 30 people VR experience

Superdry Store Manager’s Conference

The Convention Centre Dublin

Superdry’s annual SMC (Store Manager’s Conference) is the opportunity to align and motivate colleagues behind the company’s vision and to share best practice and exciting new product lines. Being a global business, each year the event moves from country to country, with SMC6 taking place in the wonderful City of Dublin at the Convention Centre. As a digitally focussed brand, there was a large emphasis on event technology from the outset – all of which needed to seamlessly navigate delegates through eight breakout sessions across three days, including an off-site tour to the iconic Guinness Factory.

The audience – made up of representatives from across the globe – all needed to have the same, digitally-led experience. This had to successfully convey their brand ethos and emphasise the message of focussing on the customer to win.

For a truly different event experience, our stage set offered three large-format screens that far better articulated messages than one large wrapping screen. They helped to deliver key messages in a unique way whilst offering presenters with in-depth content to support their keynote presentations.

From a digital aspect, we proposed a range of innovative event technology solutions to really set this event apart from previous years. Smart wristbands allowed delegates to network and share contact details with colleagues they’d never met, they could request follow up information and could easily see which colour group they were in by tapping their wristband and automatically illuminating when it was time to rotate through breakouts. All wristband activity fed into a centralised app, facilitating digital agendas (each available in a user’s native language) with points awarded for interacting with colleagues.

Our unique MindWave featured throughout the conference and concluded with a three-game showdown on the main stage to finish the final day of the conference. This innovative piece of technology was built around the concept of ‘focussing to win’ and so it perfectly complimented and brought to life Superdry’s core purpose.

Other digital touch points included 30 VR tours of Superdry’s “Store of the Future”, which was shot and edited in-house by HGA for Samsung’s Gear VR system. The event also included video pledge booths for global cascade, along with interactive Q&As and polling features that were accessible for users directly from within their bespoke event app.

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