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Chris's cover picture

Chris Hobson

Client Services Director

Getting to know Chris...

What’s your favourite film?
Goodfellas or Casino…. Or The Godfather (see a trend here!)
What telly are you addicted to?
Suits! Everyone should have a Donna (If you know, you know)
What would be your specialist subject on Mastermind?
Disney Pixar, my kids love the movies and I have seen them all many times! Particularly Toy Story, The Incredibles & Frozen.
What’s your favourite sport to watch or play?
To watch, Football. To play (badly), Golf.
What’s the best soundtrack to a long car journey?
Plenty of northern soul classics.
What’s the best thing about Manchester?
United of course!
Tell us about your pet.
His name is Buddy, he’s a black labradoodle. A legend of a dog – always my best mate (nothing to do with the secret stash of sausages I sneak him!).
Sunday brunch or Sunday roast?
It’s got to be a roast dinner with all the family. You can keep your bottomless drinks and fancy sandwiches!
Which bit of event tech are you most excited by?
Which bit of event tech are you most excited by? I can’t wait to see where virtual reality leads us. We could be in a basement venue in London but looking out onto a beach in California… The sky is the limit.
Who is the funniest person at HGA?
Mr Paul Basson! The best bit is, he doesn’t know it.
What’s the best thing about working in New Business?
The events industry is an ever moving target, evolve or die. It keeps you feeling young!
Finish this sentence - ‘I can usually be spotted in the office…’
Being chatty and jittery due to a caffeine overload!