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Kate's cover picture

Kate Cove

Senior Creative

Getting to know Kate...

What’s your favourite film?
Anything musical, LA LA Land is my ultimate go-to.
What’s your favourite book?
I don't have a particular favourite but I tend to read crime or thriller books.
What telly are you addicted to?
Grey’s Anatomy - I’ve watched it so much that I feel like I’m a qualified medic now.
Where’s the best place you’ve travelled to?
There are so many places to choose from! I’d love to go back to Nashville though.
What’s the best soundtrack to a long car journey?
Any early 2000’s emo/pop punk!
What’s the best thing about Manchester?
The food. I live near West Didsbury where there are so many amazing places to eat like The George Charles & Voltar. In the city centre I love Australasia.
Tell us about your pet.
I have a cat/lion cub called Jesse. He’s a big fluff ball & he’s awesome! He’s also very kind & lets us humans live in his house. We’re very grateful.
Sunday brunch or Sunday roast?
I’d like both please.
Finish this sentence - ‘I can usually be spotted in the office…
…controlling the Spotify'.
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