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Laura Davies

Venue Sourcing Executive & Events Assistant

Getting to know Laura...

What’s your favourite film?
That’s quite hard, I’m a big Harry Potter and Marvel/DC nerd but I think Shawshank Redemption wins! I used to stay at my grandparents’ house once a week when I was growing up and this was one of the only movies they ever had on VHS video, so I watched it over and over!
What’s your favourite book?
I read quite a lot but I don’t really have a favourite, the first one that comes to mind is probably The Brightest Star in the Sky by Marian Keyes.
What telly are you addicted to?
Quite like “End of the F**king World’ on Netflix and I’ve finally caught up with “Peaky Blinders”
Where would you most like to be right now?
On a warm, sunny beach with a cocktail away from the British weather!
Where’s the best place you’ve travelled to?
I really loved Krakow in Poland, it’s such a pretty place, it was snowing when I went too! This year I’m taking a big road trip across California so I think that’ll beat it!
What would be your specialist subject on Mastermind?
Ooh I don’t know, probably movies or rock/alternative music
What’s your favourite sport to watch or play?
None, I don’t think I have one sporty bone in my body!
What’s the best soundtrack to a long car journey?
It depends where I’m going, but I love pop-punk, rock and metal so I’d say anything by Blink 182 or Metallica are probably my road-trip bands at the moment! Or any 80’s rock, that’s probably the best driving music!
What’s the best thing about Manchester?
The gigs and events that happen, plus there’s loads of really unique and cool places to go!
Who is the funniest person at HGA?
Tell us about your pets
I have two dogs, Mille – a golden retriever who’s 4 and Monty – a red-fox Labrador who’s nearly 1. They’re both stupid and loveable and always make me giggle!
Sunday brunch or Sunday roast?
My Mum’s home-cooked Sunday Roast every time!
What question to you get asked most often in your job? ‘Have you had any updates from the client?’ or ‘We want to hold an event somewhere, I don’t know how many people and don’t know what dates, but can you find me a venue?’
"Have you had any updates?"
Finish this sentence - ‘I can usually be spotted in the office…
Jumping out of my skin at the front door buzzer whenever it goes off!’